Here’s where you find a little selection of my favorite aviation-related links on the internet. Let’s kick it off with Flight Simulation related ones, below you will find the Real World stuff.

FS Links

  • – This is the place to go for great freeware add-ons. Their forum is also among the biggest resources of FS knowledge
  • – A little smaller than avsim, you will find some great enhancements for your FS here too
  • – The little Russian brother of avsim. Some very awesome sceneries for the USSR/Asia-part of the world here, as well as Russian A/C
  • freeware-scenery list – Listed by country this is a great starting point to look for great freeware sceneries anywhere in the world
  • World of AI – Fill your virtual skies and airports with this wonderful freeware AI Traffic
  • Military AI Works – The Military counterpart to WOAI
  • Alpha India Group – For the more advanced AI people, this is the place to go. Repaints, flightplans and all you need for DIY-AI

Aviation Links

  • – Probably the best resource to discuss and talk about anything that has to do with aviation. Oh, don’t forget to look at all those awesome pictures!
  • flightradar24 – Did you ever want to track flights in real time with all kinds of data on a Google Map? Then have a look at this
  • – The more analytical version of flightradar. Real time updates within the States, predicts A/C positions outside the US. Perfect for finding your next flight in FS
  • – Complementary to flightaware. Has some flights you won’t find there and vice versa. Both include some cargo ops
  • – The Facebook timeline for A/C. When, where, who…all the info you always wanted to know about any airframe built at hand
  • flight24 – Wanna know what reg you flew on yesterday? That’s the place to look at
  • liveATC – Listen to the big boys playing. Real ATC from a lot of major world airports
  • avherald – The ideal place for people with a fear of flying. Look through almost ALL accidents, incidents and other out-of-the-normal things happening on a daily basis
  • NGCM – The Great Circle Mapper lets you plot any route between airports or coordinates on a worldmap. Features all this fancy scientific stuff too
  • Aviation Humor – A great site to laugh about all aviation has to offer

Other Aviation related Blogs

  • Clear Left – Read about Flight Simulation and find some really great Virtual Flight Reports
  • FS9 World Tour – The adventures of a fellow Round-the-World Simmer

This is just a small selection of – in my opinion – essential websites for todays’ aviation enthusiast. I wouldn’t wanna live without any of them. Of course this is just the top of the iceberg, listing all great sites here would take me ages.

If you want to tell us about your favorite aviation-related website, feel free to leave a comment!


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