FS Flight Reports

This is a chronological list of all published virtual flight reports on here. Enjoy browsing through them.


Cathay Pacific 3272 Around the World Tour

  1. CPA 3272 Leg 1 – ANC to ORD
  2. CPA 3272 Leg 2 – ORD to AMS
  3. CPA 3272 Leg 3 – AMS to DXB
  4. CPA 3272 Leg 4 – DXB to HKG
  5. CPA 3272 Leg 5 – HKG to ANC

MD-11F Around the World Tour with FedEx and Lufthansa Cargo

  1. Around the World Reloaded Part 1 – ANC to KIX
  2. Around the World Reloaded Part 2 – KIX to KJA
  3. Around the World Reloaded Part 3 – KJA to FRA
  4. Around the World Reloaded Part 4 – FRA to YYZ
  5. Around the World Reloaded Part 5 – YYZ to ANC

 Discovering Alaska

  1. ERH 874/875 – ANC to HOM and Back
  2. ERH 800/801 – ANC to VDZ and Back
  3. ASA 183 – ANC to FAI
  4. ASA 55 – FAI to SSC
  5. CON 132 – SSC to ANC
  6. ASA 62 – ANC to JNU

Canary Island Hopping

  1. AEA 9143 – BCN to TFN
  2. IBB 619 – TFN to SPC
  3. VFR – SPC to VDE
  4. VFR – VDE to GMZ
  5. VFR – GMZ to TFS
  6. TRA 801 – TFS to LPA
  7. TUI 2262 – LPA to FUE
  8. BER 2372 – FUE to ACE

Nordic Expedition

  1. KLC 1173 – AMS to TRD
  2. SAS 4576 – TRD to TOS via BOO
  3. SAS 4414/SAS 4425 – TOS to LYR to TOS
  4. SAS 4409 – TOS to OSL
  5. NAX 540 – OSL to SVG
  6. KLC 1200 – SVG to AMS


  1. Back to the Lower 48: ASA 76 – JNU to SEA
  2. To the Bay City: ASA 312 – SEA to SFO
  3. From the Bay to the Mile-High City: UAL 756 – SFO to DEN
  4. London Calling: BAW 218 – DEN to LHR
  5. Viva Espana: BAW 478 – LHR to BCN
  6. Amsterdam-bound: TRA 744 – ACE to AMS
  7. Nordic Flying: KLM 1185 – AMS to BGO
  8. Nordic Flying II: KLM 1190 – BGO to AMS
  9. To the Empire State: KLM 643 – AMS to JFK
  10. Shipping up for Boston: JBU 1008 – JFK to BOS
  11. Flying to the District: AWE 2037 – BOS to DCA
  12. Welcome to Miami: AAL 2239 – DCA to MIA
  13. The Maho Beach Experience: AAL 687 – MIA to SXM
  14. Pilots of the Caribbean: AAL 2136 – SXM to MIA
  15. Pilots of the Caribbean 2: AAL 1291 – MIA to PAP
  16. Pilots of the Caribbean 3: AAL 822 – PAP to MIA
  17. Back in Business Again: GTI 5431 – MIA to PHL
  18. Flyover States: UPS 2930 – PHL to ONT

14 thoughts on “FS Flight Reports

  1. The Canary hops are real nice! I’m home from my RTW trip now, here the itinerary is if you have interest in flying it:

    Icelandair 603 Keflavik – Toronto Pearson KEF/YYZ 757-200/W TF-FIR
    Air Canada Jazz 8109 Toronto Pearson – Houston G. Bush YYZ/IAH CRJ-705 (you can use a 700) C-FBJZ
    United Airlines 854 Houston G. Bush – Lima J. Chavez IAH/LIM 767-300/ER N664UA
    TACA Peru 007 Lima J. Chaves – Cuzco LIM/CUZ 319-100 N478TA
    TACA Peru 101 Cuzco – Lima J. Chavez CUZ/LIM 319-100 N521TA
    Air Canada 081 Lima J. Chavez – Toronto Pearson LIM/YYZ 767-300/ER C-GEOU
    Air Canada 001 Toronto Pearson – Tokyo Narita YYZ/NRT 777-300/ER C-FRAM
    Cathay Pacific 509 Tokyo Narita – Hong Kong (new) NRT/HKG 777-300 B-HNH
    Tiger Airways 2963 Hong Kong (new) – Singapore Changi HKG/SIN 320-200 9V-TAT
    Thai International 402 Singapore Changi – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi SIN/BKK 777-200 HS-TJE
    Cathay Pacific 751 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi – Delhi I. Gandhi BKK/DEL 330-300 B-HLV
    Air India 102 Delhi I. Gandhi – Mumbai C. Shivaji DEL/BOM 777-300/ER VT-ALJ
    Oman Air 204 Mumbai C. Shivaji – Muscat BOM/MCT 737-800/W A4O-BB
    Oman Air 601 Muscat – Dubai MCT/DXB 737-800/W A4O-BU
    Emirates 073 Dubai – Paris C. de Gaulle DXB/CDG 380-800 A6-EDS
    Air France 2580 Paris C. de Gaulle – London Heathrow CDG/LHR 318-100 F-GUGP
    Icelandair 455 London Heathrow – Keflavik LHR/KEF 757-200/W TF-FIR

    Rgds from Iceland,

      • Yes, it was fantastic! Thank you really much, it will be brilliant seeing the trip in the FS world! Am planning on doing some RTWs in FS myself, have tried a few times but always chickened out around halfway… 😉

        Rgds, Sveinn Th.

  2. Started one already! Taking an Aer Lingus 319 around the world – starts and ends in Dublin. First flight Dublin – Kabul (7:35 hrs) nothing planned from KBL yet.

  3. Hey dude, can i ask, (you may have already answered, so apologies) where do you get all your scenery from? like i have the UK2000 heathrow and Aerosoft products etc but you seem to have aiports that i have never seen on Aerosoft etc

    • There’s no such place as “the place” where to find all scenery. For freeware have a look at avsim.com, flightsim.com, avsim.ru for Russian sceneries and http://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004.html for a list of freeware by country.
      For Payware, well, there’s so many different companies these days. I follow the news on avsim or simflight.com to find out about new scenery projects and when I want to fly to an airport that I don’t have a scenery for yet, I do some research if there is any good free-/payware available.
      You could start by browsing http://secure.simmarket.com/default-en.html, they have a lot of products from various developers.
      If you are looking for the name/developer of any particular scenery, feel free to ask.

  4. Hi!

    Can we expect any new flight reports soon or are you still in the UK? 🙂

    Hope you haven’t forgot my RTW trip… 😉


    • Sorry, I’m back in London. No new flight reports for quite some time…
      I’ll be on a real-world tour to the US though in 2 months, so I’ll post some pictures from this. Will include airside and tower at ATL, MCO, DFW and Cape Canaveral. Plus MX at Delta and American Airlines.

      • Nice! Hope you’ll enjoy Florida, my 2nd natural habit. 🙂
        When are you in Florida? And will you pass Sarasota? I’ll be in SRQ for 3 weeks in late March/early April and you could wave me when you pass if you’re there at the same time. 😉


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