A Proof of Life

Just a little update. I’m really busy with my Bachelor Thesis these days. It’s about this amazing, yet ugly plane:

I think I’ll be able to fly again next week, so stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “A Proof of Life

    • Very nice pictures Al!
      While I think that the A380 is a remarkable aircraft, I think it’s ugly. It’s out of proportion and doesn’t “look right”. Especially if you compare it to the MD-11, DC-10, B747 or even B767-300. Maybe this is gonna change when the A380-900 will come one day. Until then I literally see a whale every time I see an A380. 😉
      I still would love to fly on one soon.
      My favorite Airbus aircraft has to be the A340-500. This one looks just right in regards to proportions and engine size.

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