Around the World Reloaded Part 4 – FRA to YYZ

I’m on a roll here. The next episode on the MD-11 Worldtour was a Transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to Toronto. As already stated in last flight’s report, this was also my 400th FS-flight since I started to log them in 2009. If you’re interested in that, I included some statistics at the end of this report.

Now let’s get started! It was our lucky day and LH Cargo Flight Ops put D-ALCC on our leg, DLH8206. D-ALCC currently wears special colors, celebrating 100 years of air cargo. ETD is 2:45 pm local time, which means that the whole flight will take place in daylight. Our load on this flight to Toronto will be 80 tons, including a BMW armored luxury limousine, some spare parts from Audi and medical supplies. The tanks on the MD-11 will hold 77.4 tons of fuel for this flight, which we will make good use of since we are about to encounter some strong headwinds on our flight across the Atlantic.

Time to talk about our routing. Luckily we didn’t notice any disruptions from the Apron Controller strike currently going on at FRA and we left on time. Frankfurt Tower will clear us for a departure on runway 25C and SID BIBTI3F. The latter will lead us directly over the airport in Cologne, currently one of the biggest Hubs for FedEx and UPS in Europe. At night this turns into MD-11F heaven there as well, sometimes I can hear or see them approaching late in the night – even though I live some 60nm away from Cologne. From Cologne we will head towards the English Channel. Crossing the Netherlands and Belgium, we will leave Continental Europe over Ostend and continue over the United Kingdom. After Cologne, we will then also overfly London Heathrow airport and continue towards Wales. Leaving the Celtic Sea behind us, our route will take us through Ireland. A little South of the historically very important refueling point in Shannon we head out over the Atlantic Ocean on North Atlantic Track A. From there on it will be a lot of water and after a few hours we will reach land again over Newfoundland. At Williams Harbor to be precise. Later we will cross the Gulf of St Lawrence and overfly Quebec. For some time our route will take us into US airspace and we will fly through the skies of the beautiful Empire State New York. Over Syracuse we change our heading towards Buffalo and the Niagara Falls. Sadly ATC will clear us for approach course before we get this beautiful place in sight. It seems I always get denied to see the Niagara Falls. When I lived in DC, I almost went there and to Toronto but the ~10 hrs drive scared me a little and I didn’t go – still on my To Do-list. Before we begin our ILS approach into runway 23 in Toronto, we will fly over Lake Erie.
Flight Level will be 32,000 feet until we reach the UK, then we will do a Step Climb to 34,000 and after crossing the Atlantic we will initiate another Step Climb to 36,000 feet.

Now the time has come to say Good Bye to Germany again. After flying on D-ALCO for the last two legs, today we will be operating on D-ALCC. Notice the pictures of historically remarkable moments of 100 years air freight on the fuselage. The pictures also are shaped like an AKE cargo container, of which we will have a whole lot loaded into our belly today.

The crew bus arrived at the parking position. Time to board our plane.

I still have to get used to the fact that with the opening of the new runway 25R on the other side of the motorway A3, there are planes landing now “behind” the terminal. Like this Lufthansa A319 in the background.

We are done with our Preflight items. Pushback is carried out as we speak, and we are cleared to start the engines. Here Number 2 is just spooling up.

Triple Triholer meeting. Three MD-11 tails in one frame, pointing in 3 different directions.

On our way to 25C we have to pass Terminal 1. This is another Lufthansa special color scheme, celebrating 50 years of cooperation with Boeing.

We are lined up and ready to go on this beautiful day.

Rotate at 180 knots.

A lot is going on in this shot. Some MD-11’s sitting on the freight ramp and this LH A380 just landed and is taxiing to the Gate.

The area around the former Rhein-Main AFB. The base got closed a few years back. Now all the C-17’s are going to either Ramstein or Spangdahlem AB. Sad to see them go, but they are building a giant new Terminal on the estate. Also located on this side of the airport are maintenance hangars and another cargo ramp.

Shortly after Take-Off, we are already flying over the airport of Cologne. In the upper right corner you can also see the River Rhine.

Another clear view onto a major airport. We have crossed the Channel and are flying over London Heathrow airport, just North of London.

Next waypoint: MALOT. This will be the entry point to our NAT today.

Somewhere over the Atlantic. D-ALCC is making her way to North America. It wasn’t always this easy, as you can see in the pictures on the fuselage.

As soon as we reach Canadian airspace, the sun creates a very nice atmosphere in the Flight Deck.

It gets busy over the Empire State. An Air Canada Jazz Canadairjet passes by.

And of course I had my zoom lens on me again…

Only seconds later we also see this Air Canada A319 flying next to us.

The sun begins to go down very, very slowly.

Closing in on Toronto, the skies get very cloudy.

More traffic! You really have to watch out here.

It’s a Delta Connection flight next to us.

We have started our descent. Prepare for a bumpy ride, when we break through these clouds later.

Simply Beautiful.

Over Lake Erie.

And about to enter the clouds. Fasten your Seat Belts, please!

We made it through the clouds and have reached the Canadian shore of Lake Erie.

While we are turning to the left, this jet passes over us.

More clouds. This was really a rough ride. The skies might look friendly, but they were very bumpy.

There’s nothing like watching the sunset from the Flight Deck.

…at least as long as you can actually see the sun.

Initially ATC cleared us for a Visual 24L but then changed their clearance for an ILS into 23. Up in the distance you can see the runway through the clouds.

Downtown Toronto in the background.

Final approach.

This WestJet 737 is waiting for us to touch down, so it can take off.

Which it eventually did, shortly after we vacated the runway.

We taxied to the freight ramp and shut down D-ALCC after this nice Transatlantic leg.

We’re on the Air Canada freight ramp. Star Alliance partners and partners in cargo.

A nice picture to call it a day after we left the plane. This Air Canada A320 is just approaching into the sunset as we say Good Bye to our MD-11F. The next flight will be with FedEx again.

This was today’s report. I hope you enjoyed it. Next flight will already be the final leg back to Anchorage.
Now, as promised, here’s some statistics about my FS flying during the last 3 years. This flight marked my 400th flight since I started to log them in a big Excel sheet with data from a flight logging software back in August 2009.

I have visited all continents, and a total of 112 countries and 36 US States. This is what my routing since then looks like on the Great Circle Mapper:

I have flown a total of 667 hours. The total distance I travelled since then is 263,380 nm. That equals a distance 12 times around the world or 1.27 times to the moon. I always departed from the airport again, where I landed at before.
Most of my flights concentrate on America (157) and Europe (134). 60 flights took place in Asia and 22 each in Africa, and Oceania. The Top airports are LHR with 8 departures and MIA, JFK and SYD with 7 departures each. Top country is the USA with 98 departures, followed with some distance by Germany (28) and the UK (24).
My favorite planes are the wonderful PMDG 747 and MD-11, the great Level-D 767 and the great Ifly 737NG. I also enjoy flying the ATR72 from Flight 1 and occasionally some VFR flights in Single Props. I’m still waiting for a good rendition of any Airbus aircraft and especially the B777. So let’s hope somebody will come up with this during my next 400 flights. Even though I doubt this, since I am still flying FS9. So we will see, if it’s still gonna be FS9 in 400 flights time…


16 thoughts on “Around the World Reloaded Part 4 – FRA to YYZ

  1. Thanks for the kind words! Yea, the sun was really intense but that created a nice atmosphere. Only problem is, my Aviators won’t help with digital sunlight…
    Almost made it to Toronto last fall when I lived in DC, but I never realized that plan. Guess I have to go there one day!

  2. Nice report! What about trying out the Overland 777? Works fine for me.

    On a sidenote, I’m going on a round-the-world trip tomorrow and will come back in late April. Could you maybe do it in FS? I love your reports/pics and it would be nice seeing it come alive in FS. Itinerary is Keflavik-NYC-Lima-Cuzco-San Francisco-Tokyo-HKG-Singapore-Delhi-Mumbai-DXB-KEF with stops where necessary. I could post the whole itinerary with stops if interested. 🙂

    Rgds, Sveinn

  3. Thanks for the tip. Yea, I tried the Overland. Usually I use the PSS 777. It has a good Virtual Cockpit, but the exterior is terrible. Still, in my opinion it is the best 777 available for FS9. I guess I’ll have to switch to FSX when the PMDG 777 comes out – and I have upgraded my Hardware to finally get a smooth FSX experience.

    That sounds awesome! Have lots of fun on your real world tour! Would love to do that too. Will you take some pictures? Just send me the itinerary (especially all the flight numbers) and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

    • Will post you the actual flights when I arrive back home April 22nd, going today. It will be a real adventure! 🙂

      Yes, I’m planning on doing a TR series on about it so you can see pics there. I can send you the flight numbers after the trip as I am on standby tickets. Only flights that are booked are these:

      Icelandair, FI 630, Keflavik KEF – New York JFK, Boeing 757-200
      TACA Peru, TA 7, Lima LIM – Cuzco CUZ, Airbus 320-200
      TACA Peru, TA 101, Cuzco CUZ – Lima LIM, Airbus 319-100
      Air India, AI 102, Delhi DEL – Mumbai BOM, Boeing 777-300ER
      Icelandair, FI 455, London LHR – Keflavik KEF, Boeing 757-200

      Flights I’m listed on as standby (got many backup flights for each route, as you can see 😉 ):

      United, UA 1095, Newark EWR – Lima LIM, Boeing 757-200
      United, UA 1236, Newark EWR – Miami MIA, Boeing 757-200
      American, AA 917, Miami MIA – Lima LIM, Boeing 767-300ER
      United, UA 1116, Newark EWR – Houston IAH, Boeing 737-500
      United, UA 1128, Newark EWR – Houston IAH, Boeing 737-800
      United, UA 854, Houston IAH – Lima LIM, Boeing 767-300ER
      Delta, DL 401, Newark EWR – Atlanta ATL, Airbus 319-100
      Delta Connection, DL 5333, Newark EWR – Atlanta ATL, Canadair CRJ-900
      Delta, DL 151, Atlanta ATL – Lima LIM, Boeing 767-300ER
      United, UA 855, Lima LIM – Houston IAH – San Francisco SFO, Boeing 767-300ER
      United, UA 837, San Francisco SFO – Tokyo NRT, Boeing 747-400
      United, UA 853, San Francisco SFO – Tokyo NRT, Boeing 777-200ER
      Delta, DL 283, San Francisco SFO – Tokyo NRT, Boeing 767-300ER
      Air Canada, AC 81, Lima LIM – Toronto YYZ, Boeing 767-300ER
      Air Canada, AC 1, Toronto YYZ – Tokyo NRT, Boeing 777-300ER
      Air Canada, AC 103, Toronto YYZ – Vancouver YVR, Airbus 321-200
      Air Canada, AC 3, Vancouver YVR – Tokyo NRT, Boeing 767-300ER
      Cathay Pacific, CX 543, Tokyo HND – Hong Kong HKG, Boeing 747-400
      Cathay Pacific, CX 549, Tokyo HND – Hong Kong HKG, Boeing 777-300
      Cathay Pacific, CX 691, Hong Kong HKG – Singapore SIN, Airbus 330-300
      Cathay Pacific, CX 759, Hong Kong HKG – Singapore SIN, Boeing 777-300
      Thai, TG 402, Singapore SIN – Bangkok BKK, Boeing 777-200
      Thai, TG 404, Singapore SIN – Bangkok BKK, Boeing 777-300
      Cathay Pacific, CX 751, Bangkok BKK – Delhi DEL, Airbus 330-300
      Thai, TG 315, Bangkok BKK – Delhi DEL, Boeing 777-200
      Qatar, QR 201, Mumbai BOM – Doha DOH, Airbus 330-200
      Qatar, QR 106, Doha DOH – Dubai DXB, Airbus 320-200
      Oman Air, WY 202, Mumbai BOM – Muscat MCT, Boeing 737-800
      Oman Air, WY 605, Muscat MCT – Dubai DXB, Boeing 737-800
      Emirates, EK 3, Dubai DXB – London LHR, Airbus 380-800
      Emirates, EK 5, Dubai DXB – London LHR, Airbus 380-80

      many, many flights to come… 😀

      Sveinn 🙂

  4. Wow, that’s quite the schedule! Sounds like it would also be lots of fun to fly this in FS. Might wait ’til you’re back though. Looking forward to your report and pics!

  5. Right now I am in Tokyo. My schedule has changed dramatically as I am on standby tickets! Flights til’ now:

    1. Keflavik KEF – Toronto YYZ 757-200/W TF-FIR Icelandair
    2. Toronto YYZ – Houston IAH CRJ-705 C-FBJZ Air Canada Jazz
    3. Houston IAH – Lima LIM 767-300/ER N664UA United
    4. Lima LIM – Cuzco CUZ 319-100 N478TA TACA Peru
    5. Cuzco CUZ – Lima LIM 319-100 N521TA TACA Peru
    6. Lima LIM – Toronto YYZ 767-300/ER C-GEOU Air Canada
    7. Toronto YYZ – Tokyo NRT 777-300/ER C-FRAM Air Canada

    Flights that are scheduled the next days

    8. Tokyo NRT – Hong Kong HKG 747-400 Cathay Pacific
    9. Hong Kong HKG – Singapore SIN 320-200 Tiger Singapore
    10. Singapore SIN – Bangkok BKK 777-200 Thai
    11. Bangkok BKK – Delhi DEL 330-300 Cathay Pacific
    12. Delhi DEL – Mumbai BOM 777-300/ER Air India
    13. Mumbai BOM – Muscat MCT 737-800 Oman Air
    14. Muscat MCT – Dubai DXB 737-800 Oman Air
    15, Dubai DXB – London LHR 380-800 Emirates
    16. London LHR – Keflavik KEF 757-200

    Cheers from Tokyo, Sveinn

  6. Haha, I stop for 2-3 days at each place. In Hong Kong right now, my NRT-HKG flight was changed to a 777-300 non-ER, B-HNH. Would’ve preferred the 744, but the non-ER -300 is quite rare, so…

  7. You also had to find a way to transit to Iceland in FS, but you could use many aircraft and routes for that. DL 752 from JFK, Easy 319 from Luton, Air Berlin from DUS, MUC, TXL or somewhere else there, Germanwings from CGN or STR, Transavia from ORY and then of course FI from a wide range of destinations. There are many other ways too! Norwegian, SAS, Air Greenland – I could keep on all day! (well, maybe not all day. there are around 25 airlines serving KEF pax+cargo. 😉 )

    • The 777 is a great plane! I only flew on the 777-200ER so far, those engines are just unreal!
      Yea, I might take the FI flight from AMS to KEF. Did one from IAD once in the sim…

  8. Nice! Yes, these GE90s on the 777-300ERs are really unbelievable! Along with the raked wingtip and wonderful wingflex, this wing is just the most beautiful one in the world! Yet have to try out the IAD service, have only flown into BOS, JFK, MCO, SFB, YYZ and BWI on FI in North America.

    Cheers, Sveinn

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