CPA 3272 – ANC to ORD


Buckle up! Today we’re moving some fresh Alaskan salmon from Anchorage to Chicago. This first leg of the eastbound round-the-world tour with Cathay Pacifics CPA 3272 Flight leads us from freezing cold ANC to ORD onboard this wonderful Boeing 747-400F. We’re flying on B-HUO in a special metallic shine livery. This bird is also called the “Silverbullet”. Stay tuned for the next leg, which will take us over the pond from ORD to AMS.

A shining star – the Queen of the Skies is getting ready for Pushback

Brrrrr…Looks cold, doesn’t it?

A view on the apron in ANC – this is what Tri-Holer-Heaven looks like!

Rotate with the mountains at the horizon, you gotta love Anchorage

Gear up! Again you can see the distinct Chugach Mountains in the back

Sunset at FL370 – the beauty of flying

Cleared to land, CPA 3272 is on Final Approach into ORD 27L on a clear night

And finally we park the silver bullet on the freight ramp. While our shift ends, the ramp workers will now need to get all that salmon out of the big 47s belly. We pack our stuff and find us a cold beer somewhere in the Windy City, maybe with a nice grilled salmon…


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